Friday, July 30, 2004

Have I mentioned the Convention?

So the Democratic National Convention has just ended with a splendid speech by John Kerry, and while I bask in the warm glow of political optimism, let's look back at this convention's food.

Oh yes, there was food. Delegates have to fuel all their sign-waving with something, you know.

No food or drink was allowed on the floor, hence the lack of turkey legs and corndogs during the speeches, but elsewhere ... check out this food station at the 15,000-person media party which featured home-grown food from local Massachusetts farms.

And in keeping with the greenest convention goals (which also showcased biodegradable balloons , lots of recycling, electricity all from from renewable sources, and hybrid gas-electric buses), the food waste was taken to a composting facility to make fertilizer. Unused food was rescued for local hunger-relief agencies.

And what do they drink? Let's just say many of these events were open bar.

And, is that ...? It is! Hillary's drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee! Dunkin' Donuts was the first national brand to sell espresso beverages that are made exclusively with Fair Trade Certified coffee.

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  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    I must admit that I'm a bit worried about all this Free Trade talk. Sounds a bit like socialism to me. If an entire country like my adopted home, the Philippines, wants to continue to outbreed themselves into poverty...then what are these freetraders doing by pressuring others into paying more for their exports?

    Coffee is aperfect example....what regions is it grown in? How few people were there before the coffee industry? Now that the industry exists, there are expotentially more people in those areas. They did the breeding...not the coffee drinkers.

    As long as production communities continue to procreate unchecked, there willl always be enough poverty for people to be able to offer low wages.