Sunday, July 25, 2004

The final stretch ....

Am back again, for the home stretch. Yawn ... Foodgoat is off to bed, as is Sienna the dog, who has been mighty confused by the fact that no one else seems to want to sleep. Just now, she actually jumped onto Foodgoat's bed! I don't think so, Doggie-Dog.

It's nothing but Paid Programming time of TV, so for a while I was watching the Christian Movie Network, which right now has a lot of commercials of Kirk Cameron movies and short films about how God Loves You, Yes Even You, Angry Twitchy Man or how Jesus Might Be Anyone, Even the Guy Who Pays for Your Fries and Looks Like Foodgoat's Brother's Friend What's-His-Name. It's 5:17 in the morning and I find these things Hi-LAR-ious, even as Foodgoat finds them Stoopid and Annoying, and so goes to bed.

I seem to recall something about fair trade, but damned if my brain's not feeling sorta mushy right now. Fair trade good ... not-fair trade cheap but not good ... got that?

Instead I leave you with a picture of Nicole Kidman from her prom. Which has nothing to do with anything, but really, is anyone keeping track?

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