Saturday, July 24, 2004

Where's the Ladygoat?

It is almost (now is) 9:00 and still no Ladygoat. 
She told me that the city will have a firework display tonight, and what that's means for me- is our houseguest is going to have a ruff night (ladygoat will find this  sentence funny).  You see our houseguest is my brother's dog- and she HATES fireworks...  Any loud noise and she "shakes like a polaroid picuture... heey now..."  and I wonder why that is.  My other family dogs never had a problem with lighting or fireworks, so it got me thinking why she hates it.  The other dogs were all Siberian huskeys - while our houseguest is a mear hunting dog.  I believe that huskeys just don't let nature bother them - it is in their genes to be outside and a little rough weather doesn't faze them at all.  A huskey that freak out during a storm wouldn't be a good sled dog.  While our houseguest, her genes are for hunting and her family line has been living in the creature comforts of man for a long time.  So humans have made her weak...
The fireworks are going to start soon...
and let the shaking begin.  She doesn't know whats coming... :)  look at her just sleeping

it is very undoglike if you ask me.

Tribe still down by 1... KC2 CLE 1

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