Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spaghetti Squash Is Weird

You roast the squash in the oven, and then when you pretty much just poke it with a spoon it all comes out just like that, all noodle-y and spaghetti-ish. 

I think it's weird. 

Is spaghetti squash some kind of scientifically designed, genetically engineered fruit-pasta hybrid?

No, just a squash variety that came out of Manchuria in the 19th century.  During World War 2, victory garden "vegetable spaghetti" became a popular homegrown substitute for Italian spaghetti.  (Once the war ended everyone went back to eating real pasta, because of course they would).  Then in the 1960’s, those crazy hippies embraced the spaghetti squash again, the unprocessed natural alternative to the overly processed spaghetti. 

Is plain ordinary pasta considered processed food?  It's not that much processed, is it?   It's just flour and water.

Anyway, now spaghetti squash is in any grocery store.  It's not as delicious as real pasta tossed with butter and garlic, but hey, it's squash and it's pretty good. 

But that natural spaghetti-like texture?   Can't get over it.  It's weird.  I don't think vegetables should do that. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

I Suppose I Should Have Cooked the Corn Sooner

I had no idea corn would just start sprouting like that. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Doctor Who Dinner

Fish fingers and custard, for the 11th? Using Alton Brown's recipe, check.
Banana, for the 10th? Check.
Celery, for the 5th? Check.
Jelly babies, for the 4th? Well, jelly beans. Close enough. Check.
TARDIS and Dalek? Check and check.
And that is how we welcomed in the new season of Doctor Who.
Any other Doctor Who foods we're missing?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How To Order a Vegetarian Sandwich, Foodgoat-Style

Foodgoat's favorite sandwich recently at Melt is one of the vegetarian options - the Big Popper, which is a crispy battered and deep-fried sandwich with jalapeno peppers, cheddar, herbed cream cheese, and topped with mixed berry preserves.

As is it's good but Foodgoat makes it better.  He orders it with bacon.  It's spectacularly good. 

That's how we order vegetarian.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Things About Wendy's

  • They have a secret 1 lb. burger not listed on the menu known as the Home Run or the Grand Slam that has four meat patties.  
  • Thomas was sent by the Colonel Sanders family in the mid-1960s to help turn around four KFC stores they owned in Columbus, Ohio. While there, he invented the KFC paper chicken bucket and increased sales so much that he sold his share in them back to Sanders for more than $1.5 million.  With that money, he was able to start his own restaurant: Wendy's.  
  • The chili is made from frozen leftover burgers from the day prior.
  • Wendy’s offered the first value menu in 1988 - everything was 99 cents.
  • In 2005 a man named Ronald MacDonald robbed a Wendy's.
  • Best review of Wendy's ever:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Researching Souffles Now!

How did you like the new Doctor Who episode?  Most of our TV show watching in recent years has been Netflix-based, whole-seasons marathons, so it's nice to watch the new season of Doctor Who as it airs, on a weekly basis.  That way you get a whole week of anticipation and then a whole of week of processing/discussing/explaining. 

So this week, what's on my mind is what's the story with the spunky-cute Oswin?   

Actually, I get a whole three months until the Christmas special to contemplate her next appearance.  How will it happen?  What IS her story? I don't know!  It might be awesome.  It might be disappointing.  I don't know, this is Moffat, after all, and it can go either way!

Until then, I'll be looking up souffle recipes and methods.  I've never had a souffle, I've never made one, it sounds terribley difficult, and apparently requires lots of eggs.  But Doctor Who is nothing if not inspirational.