Saturday, July 24, 2004

Not to be found at Toys R Us

Ha ha, I just saw a benches-clearing, blood-drawing, all-out fight between the Yankees and the Red Sox, starting with A-Rod and Veritek, on TV! I don't normally enjoy violence in sports but when whole teams are involved it's exciting. Not at all like ice hockey, where two guys just pound each other while everyone sits back and has a Coke.

Okay, enough of the fun and games, back to fair trade ...

Even activists sometimes just want to play a game ... but you know, a socially conscious, equitable game. Maybe they'll like this game, CIVIO, the Civil Rights Card Game. Each player starts as an intern at a law firm specializing in civil rights, and uses cards representing laws, Supreme Court decisions, constitutional amendments, key issues, rights and freedoms, to make precedents.

I hate playing Monopoly. I do think the basic premise is ethically flawed, but more than that it makes everyone mean and not fun. I have my doubts about whether Civio is actually a fun game. How about Balderash instead? Or Magic: The Gathering (sadly, Foodgoat's collection burned up in his car!)? Or Trivial Pursuit? Oh, oh, or Boggle!
Foodgoat: Not all of my cards went up in the fire - just all my favorite cards :(

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