Saturday, July 24, 2004

Coffee time

The first Fair-Trade coffee I will try -
Costa Rican

When making coffee- I find the FrenchPress to be the best method around.  It presevers the favors, paper filters just take out some of the coffee oils (which are tasty).  A percolator is another method that I enjoy.  Again anything that doesn't have paper as a filter is Great!!!

Back to the coffee..   WOW strong Bold - definitily not the crap I get at work!!!
If people knew how good this cup was - everyone would buy fair trade!!
I am on my second cup now- Verdict: wonderful - this is a Great cup of coffee...
Costa Rica sure gets a lot of rain - and while that causes a great deal of mudslides- it sure makes an ideal conditions for a great cup of coffee.  So support the local people of Costa Rica, for they sure know how to grow great coffee beans.

Speaking of cup - I like to drink my coffee out of my SDF-1 mug my buddy got me way back when.
Ahhhh --- "to be in love.... is the sweetest feeling a girl can feel....."

Also in case you haven't notice- I didn't graduate college with an english major like ladygoat... sorry for all the errors....  cigar buzz gone....  caffiene has taken over.
Tribe still down 1 to zip..

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