Friday, April 24, 2009

Foodgoat's BIG BOARD

Here at Foodgoat we love food, but there is something else we love more: that's the Cleveland Browns. This weekend is one of my favorite times of the year- the NFL draft- where I can hope my team can make itself better.

So, I like to lock myself in my house and totally throw out all my food habits. No cooking... no prep.. no meals that require me to leave the TV for more than 3 mins. That's right - JUNK FOOD! why do I do this: because I refuse to miss a moment of the DRAFT.

Without further ado- here is my first official posting of Foodgoat's Brown draft board.
(I am making an assumtion that a Quinn-like quarterback will be leading our team next year- appose to Anderson-like quarterback: notice how I don't say Quinn is our quarterback just one who plays that style - sorry Kara).

1) Aaron Curry LB (no brainer)
2) Rey Maualaga ILB (this is the biggest surprise of my board- I would take him at pick #5)
3) Andre Smith OT (another oddball- I care about Gametape not workouts: and he is a mauler at RT)
4) RJ. Raji DT ( you can't stop the run you don't win in the AFC north)
5) Tyson Jackson DE/OLB (I believe in more than other Tweeners)
6) Jason Smith OT (more of a LT than RT- but good)
7) Eugene Monroe OT (more of a LT- but can you say “Pulling Tackle”?)
8) Brian Cushing OLB (need LB badly)
9) James Laurinaitis ILB (Ohio State LB scare me... but I have faith in James)
10) Clay Mattews OLB (does any Brownie fan need an explanation on this one- I thought not)
11) Chris Wells RB (J.Lewis is getting old- a perfect replacement)
12) Alex Mack C (this dude is a football player)
13) Max Unger C (one step down from Mack)
14) Brian Orakpo OLB/DE (I don't have much faith in him)
15) Malcolm Jenkins DB (I think he will play safety)
16) Jeremy Maclin WR (speedy receiver)
17) Michael Oher OT (big guy)
18) Eric Wood C (almost as good as Mack : we need a center)
19) Ziggy Hood DT (I like DTs and he has some fire)
20) Larry English OLB/DE (another tweener: but I believe in him)
21) Knowshon Moreno RB (fast good running back… I just like the bruiser type more)
22) Robert Ayers DE
23) Brian Robiskie WR
24) LeSean McCoy RB
25) Michael Crabtree WR *
26) Louis Delmas FS
27) Patrick Chung SS
28) Will Moore FS
29) Rashad Johnson FS
30) Donald Brown RB

*I made a switch (as much as I dislike what I hear about Crabtree : I guess I have to put him on the board somewhere.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What They're Drinking Out Of

Foodgoat's bottle of choice:

A Great Lakes Brewing Co. Dortmunder Gold, chilled, 12 ounces.

GoatSpawn's bottle of choice:

A purple siliskin glass bottle, filled with milk, extra warm, 4 ounces.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GoatSpawn Calls Customer Service

Press 1 for a diaper change, 2 for a song, 3 for hunger issues ...

Ladygoat: Hello, this is Ladygoat, mama to GoatSpawn. How can I assist you today?
GoatSpawn: I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been awfully hungry lately.
Ladygoat: I'm aware of the issue, and I am already taking steps to take care of it.
GoatSpawn: You are?
Ladygoat: Yes. I first noticed it a few days ago. Are you waking up a lot at night again?
GoatSpawn: Why, yes, I am.
Ladygoat: And how do your clothes fit?
GoatSpawn: Not so good anymore.
Ladygoat: I thought so. We think you're going through a growth spurt.
GoatSpawn: Can I get more avocados and sweet potatoes now?
Ladygoat: Yes, of course, but only after you've have a good serving of Ladygoat milk. You are still supposed to get most of your nutrients and calories from milk, not food. The milk is more suited to your nutritional needs than any food.
GoatSpawn: Well then, I was wondering if you could boost the milk production a bit?
Ladygoat: Sure. It's being worked on. It responds to supply and demand, and since you're demanding more, supply is more too.
GoatSpawn: Isn't there anything else you are doing to speed things up a bit?
Ladygoat: Yes - oatmeal. I eat a giant bowl of oatmeal in the morning. It actually works for me - once, I got 40% more milk on the day I had oatmeal.
GoatSpawn: How about beer?
Ladygoat: I haven't tried beer, but since Foodgoat always has beer around, maybe I will.
GoatSpawn: And fenugreek?
Ladygoat: I hear it works really well, but since it's in the same family as peanuts, and I'm deathly allergic to peanuts, I'm sticking to oatmeal just in case (although chickpeas are also in the same family, and I can eat them).
GoatSpawn: What else are you doing?
Ladygoat: Staying hydrated helps a lot, pumping more helps, as does not getting too stressed out.
GoatSpawn: When I am stressed out, I like to cry and suck on my fingers. Have you tried that?
Ladygoat: Yes, but it doesn't go over too well at work. Is there anything else I can help with?
GoatSpawn: No, thank you. When can I expect to see more milk?
Ladygoat: Right away!
GoatSpawn: Great! While I've got you on the line, can you do something about the green turtle on my play center? I like the yellow duck but that green turtle never listens to me.
Ladygoat: I'll see what I can do.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

GoatSpawn Eats, Take Two

GoatSpawn's second food: Sweet potato!

Sweet potato, like avocado, is an increasingly popular first food for babies. Makes sense - they're nutritious, sweet-tasting, and easy to digest.

Sweet potato required a bit more preparation than the avocado to be GoatSpawn ready: boil chunks of sweet potato in water until tender, then puree until smooth, and thin out with a bit of liquid if you need to.
Foodgoat's philsophy: involve kids in cooking early on!
The verdict: GoatSpawn seems to like sweet potato better than avocado! She was grabbing at the spoon and putting it in her mouth.

I still don't think much of it gets swallowed, but she seems to be getting the idea.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy 6 Months GoatSpawn!

We celebrated her half year birthday by eating her cupcake (she would have wanted it that way). It was an especially delicious mocha flavored cupcake from the West Side Market.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Tiny Frosty

At first I was indignant that the Jr. Frosty from Wendy's was so tiny - a mere 12 ounces, taking up about the same amount of space as the Baconator. But then I realized that, as sweet as it is and as thick as it is, it's actually the perfect dessert size. And, it looks hilarious with a regular straw.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Foodgoat Twitters!

Despite the fact that everyone's doing it, we here at Foodgoat are now Twittering! (Tweeting?)

Why Twitter now? Well, with GoatSpawn, time is limited, and coming up with blog posts has been a challenge. I'm hoping that coming with a 140-character Twitter is easier and more feasible. Perhaps even possible while lying in the bed waiting for her to fall asleep.

I was chagrined and unreasonably annoyed, though, to find that the username of Ladygoat was already taken. With his suggestion, I'm tweeting under the username Foodgoat. Frankly, though, it feels weird. And kind of fraudulent.