Saturday, July 24, 2004

Catholic Just Price

Fair Trade isn't exactly a radical new concept, just radical in the context of the whole "free trade fixes all" mentality. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church, which ruled all, would set a "just price" for things as well.

The Fathers of the Church implicitly asserted the right of the labourer to sufficient compensation for the maintenance of his life when they declared that God wished the earth to be the common heritage of all men, and when they denounced as robbers the rich who refused to share their surplus goods with the needy.
from the Catholic Encyclopedia

One of the few times that Foodgoat went to Mass with my family and I, we went to a church we don't usually go to, and the Irish priest, a reedy little man with a most annoying voice, sermonized fiercely against the "ser-pent of sen-su-al-ity." Not something Foodgoat, who has more than a little Italian blood in his veins, likes to hear.

The priest at our regular church is balding and earnest and sometimes talks about his period of gambling addiction at college.

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