Monday, September 25, 2006

What I Learned This Weekend

One - The best time to get Chinese food is when the restaurant is also hosting a big party for a Chinese family. The potstickers, the sweet and sour shrimp, normally good, are at that time extra yummy.

Two - Sienna the Dog LOVES fried dumplings.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Keeps going and going ....

I confess: I am given to bouts of chain-chewing.

I can go through a pack of gum in no time flat - replacing one piece with another when its all too brief chewspan runs out. I chew, and chew, and then in a matter of minutes it's all over, the chewiness replaced by a small, unappetizing lump.

But now I've found . Stride. Even before I found out (today) that their slogan is "The ridiculously long-lasting gum!" Foodgoat and I discovered that it is in fact .... a ridiculously long-lasting gum.

Mine lasted through several episodes of 24 and a walk. Juicy Fruit would never have made it so long - it would have run out of juice by the time Jack Bauer had extracted a confession from the only link to the terrorist, which is usually three minutes into an episode.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sigh. Now I remember why I didn't want to get married before: first, it requires making decisions, and that's just not something I do well, and second, I feel like I'm putting on huge Broadway musical (the Andew Lloyd Webber kind, not the Andy Rooney and Judy Garland kind).

And who knew that a wedding planning was so like sorority formal rush, complete with constrained budgets, weird outfits, and snarky comments?

Currently, the only certainties are that it will take place in 2007 and in San Francisco. Oh, and that the groom is Foodgoat. Other than that - not a clue.

Should the party take place in the lovely Presidio (Log Cabin? Film Center? Officer's Club?)?

Or should we head north across the Golden Gate (Headlands Center for the Arts? Campbell Hall & Garden? Point Reyes Seashore Lodge?), which is even lovelier, but farther from the airport?

Or what about Treasure Island, which has gorgeous views, is halfway between the City and our East Side families, and, let's face it, just sounds cool?

And can I forget about Golden Gate Park (e Young museum? Beach Chalet Brewery?), where Foodgoat & I used to stroll every night when we first met?

I'm so confused. And all we want is a sushi station and pie.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

There are two kinds of cookie people: Crisp or Chewy. Moravian cookies, which claims on its box to be the "World's Thinnest Cookie!", falls on the Crisp side. The sugar cookies are indeed very thin - practially pure crust. And they are neatly stacked in a tube, which makes them the Pringles of the cookie world.

Me? I'm a Chewy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

She's Dead Jim

It turns out playing World of Warcraft really puts a strain on your computer... Over this past year my crappy DELL machine has had three seperate hardware failures.

Yesterday - was the final straw. The core CPU died. (oh by the way, I have fallen off the Wagon and I been playing WoW for the past two weeks).
Ladygoat and I hope to be able to update this website- but we can't access our many tasty photos right now.

(never buy a Dell- its like going to Walmart)

Thursday, September 7, 2006

BLT, improved

BLTs are right up there with tuna melts and grilled cheese on my list of DELICIOUS SANDWICHES. However, Foodgoat has actually improved upon the classic BLT.

He has created the BABlue: Bacon, Avocado, and (Point Reyes) Blue cheese.

All the most delectable of ingredients, together in a easy, hand-held format.

This version included a green tomato (fresh from our garden) and potato bread, which is only the very best sandwich bread there is.

Won't you join us while Foodgoat makes his nw specialty?

First, the ingredients. Generous and random sampling ensures quality control. I conside this my most important role.

The bacon is prepared. And more quality control sampling.

Bread is toasted on the same pan. Conserve the goodness!

Assemble the pieces. Don't be stingy!

And voila! TASTY.


And in other news ...

The history and economics of pie
Dinosaurs and their biscuits

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Fwd: Whine Re: Beer

Foodgoat has fallen off the wagon. Wedding planning? So not fun. And my head hurts.

As if that wasn't trial and tribulation enough, there's the new Lindemans lambic flavor, Pomme or Green Apple. In a word: BLEAH. Not easy for me to say that, being a green apple fiend and Lindemans lambic fan. Their raspberry beer is so delicious! Their black current beer so delightful!! Their green apple so ... weird-tasting. I'm not sure why - it did taste like green apple, and yet it didn't taste good. Almost like it was too fresh.

You see how much I suffer?


If WWII was an MMORPG?

Dinosaurs eat biscuits?

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Most. Used. Appliance. Ever.

The Chef's Choice 675 International Cordless Electric Hot Pot. All it does is boil water. That's it. Just boils water.

But it's super-quick. It's cordless so I can carry it around and clean it. It's super-quick. It turns off automatically. Did I mention that it's quick?

I use it every single day, sometimes more, for coffee and tea, and gave away my stovetop kettle to a visiting student from Uganda.


Ooooo! Battlestar Galactica has webisodes!!!!

Monday, September 4, 2006

No One Makes Cookies in the Bedroom

Dear "Bree",

I want to believe in you. I really do. Why shouldn't there be sweet, innocent 16-year old girls with geeky boy friends concerned with nothing more than the usual teenage issues? So what if they just happen to be involved in mysterious cult religons?

But no one makes cookies in their bedroom. They make cookies in the kitchen. The only possible exception to this would be the kids that live in dorms, and that's because they don't have a kitchen, or because they keep illegal toaster ovens under the bed.

And so, the Burger King guy can come out now. I know you're behind this.


Since authenticity and sincerity sometimes seems to be in short supply these days, I guess it's not weird that Hank's soda bottles are in fact labeled as "Genuine Hank's. Their vanilla cream, by the way, is delicious. Very, very delicious. So creamy, so vanilla-y. So nice in these last, waning days of summer.

I wonder why vanilla cream soda isn't more popular - everyone loves vanilla, right? And yet it's always cola, root beer, lemon lime. Maybe grape.