Monday, July 12, 2004

It's hip to be square

For a place in a slightly seedy strip mall and looking like a dive from the outside, Guiseppe's makes some good pizza. Good thick crust pizza. Good thick crust Not only that, but the pizza was square pizza.

Square pizza is Sicilian pizza, apparently. I get the corner slice! More crust for me!

So does your pizza preference say anything about your political affiliation? Consider this:

People with "Dean for President" bumper stickers on cars in their driveways tipped 22% higher than people with "Bush for President" bumper stickers, while those with "Bush for President" bumper stickers were three times more likely to order meat-topped pizzas. (according to Domino's)

California-style pizza lovers are more likely to be Democrats; deep dish Chicago-style pizza lovers were more likely to be Republicans. New York-style pizza lovers are equally divided in party affiliation. (according to California Pizza Kitchen)

So how do square Sicilian pizzas, with green peppers and bacon, vote?

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