Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Good IDEAs

Sure, everyone's talking about the circular printer, but this year's Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) winners also included some nifty kitchen stuff. Here's my rundown:

A microwave with a curved door to accommodate bigger pizzas. I don't think I've ever had the problem of not being able to fit the entire pizza in the microwave ... then again, I'm not sure if I've ever microwaved an entire pizza. Oh well. Maybe there are some college dorm kids out there rejoicing.

These baking dishes have a spout in the corner for pouring juices out. Spouts are good: no more trying to scoop out the last of the gravy with a spoon! Yay. The lids also double as hot plates. Double yay.

It's a neoprene bag so keeping not one, but two wine bottles cool and contained. It just screams DINK/yuppie, doesn't it? Take this out in certain places and you're just asking for some biker to beat you on the head with it.

Need another sink in your kitchen? Consider a long, narrow, and probably not very functional trough sink. Good for washing really long wooden spoons.

The future of Tupperware is right purty, isn't it? I'm a little disturbed by this in the description though: "Lids grow if overstuffed". They should have put little eyes on the lids.

Okay, so it's a salad bowl with tossing spoon and fork that fits together. Doesn't exactly rock my world, but I guess it's nice.

My rack is too small and always awkwardly filled. My dish rack that is. Maybe what I need is this fancy-pants dish rack that includes a why didn't I think of this before knife block.

The non-kitchen-related notables that I just can't pass up the opportunity to mention are dissolvable underwear packaging and the artist brush-cleaner.

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