Sunday, July 25, 2004

Fair Trade Round-Up

Here's an issue of the New Internationalist magazine that takes a gander at fair trade ...

A new Fair Trade Research Group at the sociology department at Colorado State (where are the anthropologists on this issue? where?! oh, wait, here I am!) ...

The Conscious Consumer (a project of the Center of New American Dream) wants you to buy fair trade cocoa and chocolate ...

No Sweat Apparel supports independent trade unions to stop sweatshops in clothing manufacturing. I love their t-shirts, like this fair trade one.

Play fair, trade fair: Buy a fair trade sports ball. Too bad right now they only have soccer balls online. Of all the major sports, which one is most fair trade? Hmm, will have to ask Foodgoat. Maybe football. You know, 'cuz it's more sustainable.

Humane Buzz: It was this PBS Planet Work episode that taught us about fair trade and compelled us to support TransFair USA for Project Blog, so it deserved some mention. Doesn't PBS rock? I learn so much from them.

Only one hour left to go!


  1. Thanks LadyGoat!

    YFOCUS has a new sister comany here in the States. Our name is Fair Trade Sports (guess what we do) and you can find our blog at Our ecommerce site turns live in September to bring Fair Trade soccer balls, rugby balls, volleyballs, and footballs to the US market. Hope to see you visit soon tp learn more about us and our mission to generate dollars for children's charities...

    - Scott James, Founder