Wednesday, July 7, 2004

You've crossed the line

In this blog, I celebrate all things food-related. I try to keep an open mind about all the variations and versions of food; I try not to be limited by tradition, region, history, or even species in documenting all things tasty and edible.

Even I, however, draw a line. And my line is blood.

Not pig blood or beef blood, which can make one yummy dinuguan stew, but MY blood. My blood is NOT food. I don't care how tasty and nutritious it might be, my blood is not be used for anyone's meal.

So, to all those mosquitos in my backyard that persist on feasting on me each and every time I step outside, resulting in three or four red, itchy bites each time I step outside (yet leaving Foodgoat untouched), I have this message:

BACK THE $%!# OFF!!!

I WILL resort to chemical warfare if I have to.

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