Monday, July 5, 2004

Poor Man's Knife Block

Where the good knives are kept:

Where the not-so-good knives are kept:

We have a lot of knives, but really, only a few that get used a lot. These are the favorite knives, so elevated because they are sharp, they are strong, they feel nice in the hand. These are kept on the counter within easy reach, properly stored in one of those wood blocks.

The not-so-good knives, on the other hand, are the rest of the knives: the old ones, the ones that aren't quite sharp enough, and the ones with dents from when Foodgoat used it with a hammer to chop up chocolate. These have until today been stored piled up in a drawer, which I'm fully aware is a good knife's nightmare. Knives in a drawer get knocked about a lot and the precious blade gets all sorts of dents and nicks and dull spots.

But the wood block only has so many slots.

Enter the yellow pages. The phone book can be more than a useful compendium of phone numbers, my friend: with a couple rubber bands it can also hold knives quite nicely.

It's slightly modified from an idea I read in spiceblog a couple months ago. I rubber-banded the white pages (I never use them) so that the books stays closed and flat and slid the knives in the top between the pages. They I realized it wouldn't stand up by itself, so I rubber-banded the yellow pages (which I do use sometimes) to it to. I used rubber-bands instead of tape so that I could open up the phone book if I need to (multi-tasking rules).

Cool, huh?  Not a bad way to use that phone book you keep getting!

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