Saturday, July 24, 2004

Fair Hair Trade

Not a lot of beauty and personal care companies do the fair trade thing. Frankly, not a lot of those companies do the socially conscious thing. But apparently Aveda is one of them.

I've never stopped by the Aveda store, fearing equation sparseness and thin women in their white coats = a lot more money than at the clearance aisle at Target. But maybe I might check it out one of these day, since they have 3 projects with indigenous groups to equitably trade for ingredients in their products. One of the products is morikue, which comes from Brazil nuts, and which they buy from a community-based project in Peru.

Morikue is used in their hair conditioners, including Shampure. Suggested retail is $12, which isn't that bad. I mean, for easing my conscience and all.

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