Sunday, July 25, 2004

Fight! fight! fight!

The big news at these late hours of the night is the Fight between the Yanks (remember those damn yankees) and the Red Sox (that Boston team where fans complain all the time).  Looks like Boston beamed A-rod (that's the guy making $252 million dollars) and A-rod seems to say something to the pitcher [you don't need to be a lip-reader to figure out what he is saying] and then a brawl starts.  This clip is being played over and over by ESPN, and it is kind-of funny.  Being a tribe fan I dislike the Yanks, but Boston is kind-of worst to me.  Not the orginazation but the fans.  They constantily complain about the Yanks, and say it is unfair for baseball - BUT their team has the second highest payroll.  The only difference is their team never wins - HA.  At least the Yanks win with all that money.

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