Monday, March 30, 2009

GoatSpawn Eats!

With her swiping at our food and her six month birthday looming on Saturday and Foodgoat antsy to get in on the feeding times, we decided it was time to see how GoatSpawn would like a food other than Ladygoat milk.

Foodgoat has said that if he could only have one food for the rest of his life, he's pick avocados. So what better food to start young GoatSpawn's eating career with? Plus, it's mushy and soft and packed with nutrients and healthy fats.

To get it extra soft, Foodgoat pureed a bit of avocado, along with a bit of chicken broth.

The result was tasty, even to Foodgoat - not like some of the jarred baby foods I've had in the past.

Her table is set!
So how did she enjoy her first foray into adult food?

All in all, it was a good start. She willingly tried it more than once, and while I'm not sure if more ended up on her face or in her stomach, she did manage to have some, and didn't cry. Clearly, it was a strange and unusual experience for little GoatSpawn, but we're encouraged that it is one that she doesn't seem completely opposed to trying again.

There was avocado left over, which Foodgoat was happy to eat. Which would not have happened if the avocado had been mixed with breastmilk instead of chicken broth, as I had suggested.

Monday, March 23, 2009

GoatSpawn May Be Hungry

GoatSpawn is a few weeks shy of 6 months (!), so we have been closely monitoring her to see if she has any interest in food. Up until she was 5 months old, she didn't seem at interested in having anything beside the Ladygoat milk.

Then, on the plane ride back from California, she kept taking a swipe at the cheeseburger they served for lunch. Since it was an airplane cheeseburger, I could not imagine that she would really be compelled to eat that before anything else.

Then last week she tried to grab my bagel and cream cheese, and she stuck out her tongue.

But yesterday she tried to eat my cell phone, so I figured bagel and cheeseburger might just be flukes.

And then tonight this happened:

GoatSpawn tried to help herself (more than once I might add) to Foodgoat's beer.

It may be time to introduce GoatSpawn to other things to eat.

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