Thursday, August 4, 2016

I am Not Sure What This is

I hoped that Oikos Crunch in Lemon Shortbread yogurt would be something I would like.   I wanted to like Oikos Crunch in Lemon Shortbread.  After all, like Sansa - lemon cake is my favorite.  Well, actually shortbread is my favorite and lemon bars are my favorite, and I don't recall ever having lemon cake, but close enough, and even if they weren't, do you think I could really resist a Game of Thrones quote?  

But I am sorry to report that I am not sure this is actually counts as yogurt.  It appears to have started as yogurt.  But then it was drowned in sugar and lemon flavor.  So it didn't seem particularly yogurty.  Or healthy, which is why most people eat yogurt to begin with.  And then I was asked to cover it up with even more sugary cookie bits.  

But the worst part is that the topping includes a lot of white chocolate.  I do not care for white chocolate, WHICH IS NOT  REAL CHOCOLATE.  

So for breakfast I had this things that tasted more like dessert, and a dessert that just tasted mostly of sugar.  What does this make this?  

I think I will go make my own yogurt, and my own granola now.