Saturday, July 24, 2004

Finding Fair Trade

To find fair trade items, I should have looked up retailers : Transfair USA | Better Products. There are several national retailers that offer fair trade. I'm kicking myself for not thinking of going to Trader Joe's before! Somehow I have feeling most of these places just offer coffee, though.

It's a little bizarre being up so early on a Saturday. It's really quiet. In between eating breakfast (bowl of Oats & Honey granola) and typing up my first post o' the day I was watching a movie on TV about Elizabeth Barrett Browning and her freaky-mean father. The man had 9 kids and didn't want any of them to marry or apparently see anyone outside the family. He's a whack job, especially as played by Charles Laughton. These days, you'd probably see the story on City Confidential or some such crime show.

Now I'm reading all the Catwoman reviews, and I'm shocked, shocked, that no one likes it.

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