Saturday, July 24, 2004

Foodgoat Takes over

Hello All
Ladygoat had to step out for the next 3 hours; she is doing some local charity work.  So, you are stuck with me for the time being..  (I will also be posting during the midnight hours).
Not to jump topics: but I would like to talk about other fine things in life besides the goodness of fair trade (esp. coffee).  This past year people have expossed me to the glory of a good Cigar.  Most of the cigars out there are pretty bad - taste bad, smells awful, and leaves a burnt taste in the lungs.  BUT a great cigar is a thing of beauty.  While ladygoat has been posting this afternoon- I have been living large smoking a wonderful Bazilia.  While not a good a the Monte Cristos I like to induge in (Ortsac Best), this cigar is a fine work.  What makes a great cigar: something that taste wonderful and is a pleasure from begining to end.  The Bazilia definitily fits that mold.  I just spent the last 2 hours enjoying its glory while enjoying the conversation with an old friend.  Maybe it is a guy thing.   But smoking (cigars only) makes you feel like a big fat cat.  Also a great cigar makes you feel GREAT - no wonder the Europeans fell in love with these things when they came over here.  It is nothing like those cancer sticks people put in their lungs daily.  If you never had a Great cigar, you are missing out.  It may not be food - but it is good for the soul.....

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