Saturday, July 24, 2004

10 Things you can do

from the Fair Trade Resource Network ...

1. Buy Fair Trade items on line
2. Find a store near you that stocks Fair Trade products
3. Give Fair trade gifts
4. Educate yourself.
5. Exercise your power as a consumer. (my favorite!)
6. Write an article.
7. Submit letters to editors.
8. Consider forming a Fair Trade committee as part of your student activist group or place of worship.
9. Host a Fair Trade consignment sale.
10. Go to Fair Trade websites and learn more!

Okay, admittedly, some of these are kind of lame and some of you will never ever do them. But, y'all are consumers and the power of the dollar goes a long way. So start with buying fair trade coffee.

And that's what we're off to get now: to the West Side Market! To coffee! Tally ho!

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