Saturday, July 24, 2004

Questions that need answering

Q. Of the $3.6 trillion in all goods exchanged globally, what percentage is Fair Trade?

A. Just .01%.

Q. Is the market for fair trade products growing?

A. Yes - quite rapidly! According to the 2003 Fair Trade Trends Report published by the Fair Trade Federation and the International Fair Trade Association, the fair trade industry in North America and the Pacific Rim grew over 35% last year. Coffee is actually the fastest growing sector - with sales up over 50%.

from Peace Coffee Crew

It's the afternoon, it's a lovely day, and I'm a little tired of sitting in front of the 'puter. Foodgoat and his friend Igor have gone off in search of cigars, Sienna the dog is sleeping (as usual), and the Elvis movie on TV with the King as an auto racer/pop star is, ahem, a bit silly.

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