Monday, August 30, 2004

stupid immune system

After a nice dinner of Indian takeout, a much contented Foodgoat had a full stomach.

I had a dry a mouth.
Then an upset stomach.
And itchy hives all over.
While my body puffed up to twice its size.
Then I threw up.

The Hidden Peanut strikes again!

Unbeknownst to me, my favorite Indian restaurant must have changed their recipe for malai kofta to include peanuts somehow. One of the great frustrations of my life is the inability to eat at so many Asian restaurants - Thai in particular, but also often Chinese, Indonesian, and now Indian - because of a penchant for using peanuts or peanut oil. It's not even just the allergic reaction, it's the contant vigilance, verging on paranoia, about every ingredient in every dish. Not to mention the fact that sometimes waiters just tell you there isn't any peanut oil because it's easier. In any case, it's all very disheartening. This weekend sucked.

On the happy side, a few weeks ago I received my first package of candy, minus the Abba-Zaba (peanut taffy) in the brilliantly conceived candy along.

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