Friday, August 6, 2004

I didn't find my thrill in blueberry juice

With all the recent news about blueberries being so healthy and full of those antioxidants, I dared to experiment with a bottle (two, actually) of Wyman's Wild Blueberry Juice, a recent product that's the result of a glut of blueberries and better PR about how blueberries are Good For You.

I like blueberry pancakes, I like blueberry cobbler, I like blueberry Slurpees ... doesn't it follow that I would like straight-up blueberry juice?

Well. It's ... a little odd. I don't dislike it, exactly, but it's rather too blueberry-ish. No wonder they're trying to sell it as a healthy tonic, a quick way to injest a lot of blueberries, rather than as a tasty beverage.

(No politics today. Have been told that it's getting to be rather too much. Apparently not everyone obsessively reads Wonkette like I do.)

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