Monday, August 2, 2004

Democrats Pig Out

Just as Wendy’s is used to demonstrate the folksy roots of John Edwards, so food can be used to attack, as well. The food museum blog pointed out this LA Weekly report, that uses the gourmet feasts, unseen on network TV, at the Convention to demonstrate Democratic Party hypocrisy and the gripping, drooling jaw of special interests.
Things got worse the next night when I decided once again to follow the money. And it led right to the Wellfleet oysters and mango lobster cakes. And the grilled swordfish. And the stuffed figs and sushi. And to the ham, turkey, pasta, grilled vegetables, smoked duck, jumbo shrimp, fresh clams, cream puffs, napoleons and éclairs. And to the gourmet wine bar and two or three other free-flowing bars. And lapping all of this up late Monday night, the California Congressional Delegation and much of the cream of Democratic “progressivism” — including Dr. Dean and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

By day, they rail against special interests. By night, they party down with them.


I’m sorry, what? I was still stuck on the idea of mango lobster cakes. Now that sounds dee-lish.

Oh, yes, hypocrisy, craven greed, got it. Need further food evidence that this is not the party solely of the proletariat? Check out this chocolate fondue fountain from the media party.

Hmmm ...I’m thinking fresh strawberries and pound cake would go well with this ...

Do special interests have a fork in the Democratic pie? Oh, probably, just as they do in the Republican pot, too. But describing the glorious meals isn’t working up my indignation meter right now. It's 4 pm and it's just making me hungry.

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