Thursday, August 12, 2004

Cereal killers!

There's something rotten in Denmark, methinks. The Danish FDA has banned the sale of Kellogg's breakfast cereals. Just because it seems that regular consumption of the vitamin-enriched, sugar-packed, artificially-flavored, preservative-laden, habit-forming, advertisement-promoting products might damage children's kidneys and livers.

Don't they know that Kellogg's cereals were invented to be healthy? Will Kellogg made the first corn flakes to cleanse the digestive system (and curb certain inclinations) of patients at the Medical and Surgical Sanitarium.

My favoritw Kellogg's cereals, in order, are:
Leave an open box of Honey Smacks on the counter in California and in ten minutes a supercolony of ants will have staked out a new HQ.

Plus, your pee will smell like Smacks. Is that TMI? Sorry.

Smart Start isn't nearly as sweet, fooling you into thinking you're eating something healthy, but it's sweet enough to be good to eat.

I love kettle corn, I love caramel corn, is it any wonder Corn Pops is up there on my list?

Corn flakes are boring but Frosted Flakes are ... eh, screw it, they're grrrreat!!!
Let's face it, advertising works on me.

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