Friday, August 13, 2004

Great food concepts

The trend, these days, is customization and personalization. You're not such some face in the crowd! A number in the vast census of life! Just another Gap-dressed, Coke-sippin', Value-Meal-chompin' cog in the American machine! No! You are special. You are unique. And to prove it, you get a necklace with your name on it (just like Carrie) and you have desserts made just for you at Cold Stone Creamery. And now, you can also go to the Baby Donut Company.
Start with a glazed goodie made in-house. Then add the filling of the day (chocolate mousse, strawberry, or apple pie). Choose an icing -- marshmallow, caramel, or chocolate, to name a few -- and finish it off with your favorite candy topping, like M&M's, Kit Kats, or sprinkles.
It's in L.A., though, so I'll have to wait until the next time I visit my brother to go. Usually I prefer my donuts plain as Jane, cake or just glazed. But right now I could go for an apple pie filled, caramel-coated, Twix-topped donut.

Foodgoat refuses to have pizza delivered, just as he refuses to use the fast-food drive-through, deeming them lazy slacker-baits. But if I lived in Minneapolis, I'd still have my Galactic pizza delivered to my house (using an electric car!) by Captain Fantastic. (via Pop Culture Junk Mail)

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