Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Din Din for Dissidents

We didn't hear much about the protesters at the Democratic Conventions, except that the protesters thought the Boston police were the best-humored law enforcement officers they've ever clashed with. Maybe it's because the protesters were all off finding something to eat, given that when they tried to set up an open-air food kitchen on Boston Common during last week's convention, they were stripped of their pots, pans and stoves. Well, they're determined not to let hunger get in the way at the New York City GOP convention.

Food Not Bombs is leading other organizations, including the Anti-Capitalist Kitchen and Tamales for the Revolution, in preparing to set up kitchens, so that the thousands of young, down-in-the-heel protesters expected don't starve or abandon their posts to look for a White Castle in Jersey. No chocolate fondue fountains here: we're talking rice and beans and sauteed veggies and fruit salad. If the kitchens run out of grub, the Anarchist Grapevine urged protesters to dive into "New York's fine Dumpsters."

If you ask me, forget the peacenik herbivores - what the Secret Service should keep their eyes out for are pie-wielders. You never know when the Biotic Baking Brigade or the Mad Anarchist Bakers' League or the Meringue Marauders will strike. I have a feeling there's a cream pie out there with W's name on it.

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