Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Speaking of ....

Speaking of ...

The label of my now-empty bottle of Juicy's Fresh Squeezed Juice at the West Side Market has this on the label in very small print:

WARNING: This product has not been pastueurized and may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

The Strawberry-Lemonade made me feel delightfully refreshed, not germy. Whew! Close call.

Speaking of feeling germy, a long time ago we would occasionally get water from those big vending machines where you fill your own big bottle up. That is, until the time I got completely nauseous and was convinced that the water was contaminated.

Speaking of getting nauseous, Foodgoat did at one time take up the challenge of consuming an entire gallon of whole milk in one sitting without any of it coming out for a whole hour. He just barely succeeded, but tells me the experience was painful. No documentation exists of his exploration of milk limits, but you can see what it does to this guy.

That incident was far into Foodgoat's youth, but speaking of milk, I feel quite safe in saying Foodgoat would never go for this milk taste test. I think I'd be a little more open to it, since according to Introduction to International Health 390, the three things to know about public health are: breast-feeding is better, communism is good, and men are dogs. Still, you'd probably have to get at least a tequila shot in me to try the stuff. And if I could just have it in my coffee instead of straight up, that would more acceptable. But if I have to watch it being pumped, the deal's off.

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