Wednesday, April 21, 2004



When Foodgoat has a sweet tooth, he hovers over the Krispy Kreme stand at the grocery store.

This week it was the Key Lime Pie Doughnuts that caught his eye. By coincidence, the day before I had read about key limes in Raymond Sokolov's excellent collection of essays, Fading Feast: A Compendium of Disappearing American Regional Foods. Of course I always think of Florida with regard to Key limes, but the only Key lime trees left there are the few that survived in a people's backyards (after the rest were felled by blight, real estate developers realized that condos and hotels were more profitable than the famous Key limes). Even the bottled Key lime juice is often not Key lime at all. Key limes are small, round and can be broken with just your thumb and forefinger, and any native Caribbean or Latin American will prefer their more sour taste to the blander but tough-skinned (and better for shipping) Tahiti limes that Americans get at the grocery store.

So in all likelihood the Krispy Kreme Key Lime Pie doughnuts, which are filled with a lime-flavored cream and topped with a brown sugary streusel, doesn't really have any Key lime in it. Still, it sounded good.

After tryinig them, Foodgoat pronounced, "They're good. Not as good as the glazed ones though. Not sweet enough."

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