Thursday, April 8, 2004

Pickle me this, Batman

Pickle me this, Batman
Me, I'm not a pickle person. I love relish, but I always take pickles out of my burger and give them to Foodgoat, and that's doubly true when it's one of those big dill pickles on the side.

But Foodgoat love them dill pickles, so he picked up a bag of the new Lay's Dill Pickle Potato Chips. They're always coming up with something new, those crazy chip marketers. Open the bag, and there's no doubt what the flavor: dill pickle all the way. I wasn't tempted in the least, and I've been known to turn empty bags of chips inside out so I can lick the last salty crumbs out of the corners. But Foodgoat's initial reaction, a surprised and enthusiastic "Mmmm!" led me to reconsider, so I hesitantly popped one in my mouth.

And indeed, it's pretty good. It tastes just a little pickle-y and not as sour as the Salt & Vinegar flavor, so the chips aren't as nearly weird as they sound. I'd take them over a real dill pickle with my sandwich any day.

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