Thursday, April 22, 2004

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Today I celebrate my inner tree-hugging, Earth-mother, tie-dyed, Gaia-loving, flowers-in-her-hair hippie chick by making my yearly Earth Day kitchen resolutions:

-I will start bringing my own spoon instead of taking a new plastic one at work every time I bring in oatmeal for breakfast
-I will use cloth napkins instead of paper ones. I will buy cloth napkins first.
-I will remember to bring my trusty tote bag to the grocery stores instead of accumulating plastic bags.
-I will shop more at the co-op instead of at Impersonal Corporate Groceries
-I will buy more shade-grown and fair trade coffee
-I will buy more herbicide-, pesticide-, antibiotic-, hormone-free foodstuffs
-I will buy less overly packaged foods. And if I do, I will re-use the materials. Anyone need a tin can pencil cup? A cereal box gift box? Let me know.
-I will use more baking soda and vinegar to clean things
-I will grow my own herbs
-I will only eat the "best choice" fishes on the Seafood Watch
-I will make that solar oven I meant to make last year
-I will start composting my food waste. Stay tuned for potential vermicomposting adventures.

Things I will not do:
-Become a vegetarian
-Go on one of those raw foods diets
-Give up my car. Just can't be done in Cleveland.
-Stop using paper towels. I'll try to cut down, but I just can't give them up completely. They're just so convenient sometimes.
-Get a composting toilet. I mean, that's just too much to ask.

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