Monday, April 12, 2004

Easter candy

Easter candy

I hope everyone had a nice Easter!

My day was quite enjoyable. It wasn't as memorable as the one Easter that my cousin accidently smacked another cousin in the head with a hammer during the Easter egg hunt, resulting in a trip to the ER and kid-convened trial and a swift conviction, but that's another story.

And I hope we can now say goodbye for the year to all the Peeps : The Peeps sightings, Peeps pranks, Peeps dioramas, etc., although it has been fun to point out Peeps every time we see them at the store, inevitably causing Foodgoat to recoil in fear.

I don't particularly understand this reaction, but it's still fun to provoke.

I don't actually recall tasting a Peep, though I must have at some point: it's just a sugar-coated marshmallow, right? Except with ominous baby bird faces.

Let's face it, candy-wise, Easter doesn't quite compare to the other holidays. There's chocolate bunnies, but I haven't gotten them since I sold them for a third-grade fundraiser, and besides, chewing on a bunny's ears, even if they are chocolate, is kind of a strange thing to encourage.

There are Cadbury creme eggs. I confess I've never had them. I haven't been tempted to try a chocolate pretend raw egg. But that's just me.

We usually got jelly beans and pastel-foil-wrapped chocolate oblongs inside those plastic eggs during Easter egg hunts, which are nice but can't really compare to the Nestle Crunch Fun Sizes that you can rake in on Halloween.

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