Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Could it GET more NoCal?

The EssEffist rightly mocks the San Francisco Chronicle's comparison of A's wine and Giant's wine. Yes, it's true: the Oakland A's, with their $2 Wednesdays and fans who go to Hayward for fun, have this year introduced the A's Private Label wine, made by Markham Vineyards in St. Helena. The Sauvignon Blanc, a 2003 vintage, is reportedly excellent, a "fine palate cleanser for heavy food like garlic fries or linguisa sausage with peppers and onions".

The Giants, not to be outdone, have 15 different Northern California bottlings within easy reach. Even the bleachers have a wine cart with eight choices. And so "All over SBC Park you see fans toting their little plastic cups of wine."

What's more quintessentially, classically, American than to sit back in the bleachers for a ball game with a hot dog and a fine glass of Merlot?

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