Monday, September 13, 2004

food news of the weird

Foodgoat can't do it all. Sometimes, we don't want to. Here are food adventures where even I fear to tread.

Fairy shows you, step by artery-clogging step, in Technicolor, exactly how to make fried Oreos. Yes, fried Oreos. I love me my Oreos, but I can't get myself to even think about trying this. You can, though. (via MeFi)

Mercifully, there are no pictures of Gael Cooper's MSNBC reviews of some of the 42 foods on a sticks served at the Minnesota State Fair. Not only the usual corn dogs, but deep-fried candy bars, pickles, Reubens (!), chocolate-covered bananas, etc. Personally, I'd rather try the deep-fried ch-ch-cherry bombs from the scent of green bananas.

Football season has started! Not only does this return to Foodgoat the will to live, but it also revives the perenniel turducken conversations. But if you talk the talk, you must walk the walk, and the Black Table shows you the gameplan for preparing John Madden's great culinary contribution, the chicken inside the duck inside the turkey. Personally, I find the whole concept rather fowl.

And then there is a whole slew of winners at Recipes of the Damned: Real scary recipes from real scary vintage cookbooks. Scary, indeed. Here's a brief list, just to whet your appetite.
Beef Tea
Simmered Brains
Deep Fried Field Rat
(from learning the lessons of nixon)
If that doesn't deter you, there's always Utterly Outrageous Recipes, which features Chocodogs, Cheddar Coffee, and Cricken Cookies.

I'm not a particular fan of the Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito (I'm not a particular fan of Taco Bell in general, and their Grade D meat,in fact), but if you are, you can sign a petition to bring it back to every Taco Bell in the world.

Why so blue, Mrs. Butterworth? Apparently not enough kiddies are eating their daily requirement of syrup: i-Mockery discovered that Ms. Butterworth now comes in anti-freeze blue. Not only that, but he goes the extra mile to try out the mutant syrup for you. He's a brave, brave man. I still can't get myself to even look at the green ketchup.

Yes, my friend, that is a pyramid-shaped watermelon. Remember this when constructing your annual fruit-based Nativity scene. But use the cube-shaped ones when building your annual fruit-based WWII bunker.

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