Thursday, September 23, 2004

Uh Oh, No Mo' Ho Ho's fo' Yo

Interstate Bakeries, makers of such fine delicacies as Wonder Bread and Twinkies, has filed for bankruptcy, the latest victim in the maw of the Atkins monster. Don't count me among the mourners though: the last time I tried Wonder Bread, it dissolved in my mouth like Styrafoam.

And while I've had my share of junk food, nary a Hostess Twinkie, nor a Cup Cake, nor a Ding Dong, nor Ho Ho, has passed through these lips.

The homemade versions baked in your very own Cup Cake-shaped Hostess Snack Oven sounds even less appealing. I admit to being tempted, however, by the Twinkies Sushi.

The one Hostess product I did like was the Hostess Fruit Pie. Apple, in particular. Sure, the crumbly crust had a kind of nasty sugar glaze, and the piddling amount of apple filling always collected in one end, but it was only 25 cents. Plus, it was the secret weapon of superheroes.

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