Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Made a sausage I couldn't refuse

I'm a sucker for free samples. And why not? Sometimes you find new and tasty things that way. That's how we ended up with two pounds of Sicilian sausage from the West Side Market. We were going to get Italian sausage or kielbasa (nothing adventurous there) but the sausage guy gave us a taste of the Sicilian. I don't remember exactly what makes Sicilian sausage different from the other European sausages except that it has Parmesan cheese, but we know it was delicious.

Foodgoat prepared the sausage by browning it on both sides in olive oil. One chopped up bell pepper (a purple one, I might add) was thrown in, and the homemade pasta sauce was poured on top. The sausage cooked for a while in the sauce while we all stood around to smell its goodness.

Foodgoat wanted to put the sausage into Italian bread but was stymied on the best way to slice it. He settled on scooped out some of the extraneous middle but he felt weird about it, even though the sausage fit quite nicely into the bread.

Slap that baby on a plate, sprinkle with more Parmesan cheese, add corn on the cob, and that's dinner!

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