Wednesday, September 8, 2004


You can find anything on eBay, I'm convinced.

For example, you can find a unique light fixture, from a church-turned-daycare, to spray paint and hang up in the mausoleum-themed bedroom, which is slowly, slowly starting to look, ahem, liveable, don't you think?

You can also find a local haunted house selling itself as a dinner club.

The Franklin Castle is right smack in the middle of Cleveland, a huge 19th century Victorian mansion once owned by the German Socialist Party, complete with marble fireplaces, hidden passageways, an unhappy past (the skeletons of at least a dozen babies inside a small sealed room) and reputation for housing ghosts. The owner is restoring it and converting it into a private dinner club, which will serve lunch and dinner to its members, and provide private banquet and meeting facilities. At your beck and call will be a chef, a concierge and hospitality staff.

On eBay, with the bids starting at only $500, you get one lifetime membership, six $50.00 Gift Certificates to be used for the first six months against member's monthly charges, 2 nights in a guest suite, 6 limousine hours and 2 tickets to the First Annual Franklin Castle Club New Years Eve Ball.

It all sounds quite glamourous (who wouldn't want to take their meals in a house infamous for tragedy, death, and cold clammy hands reaching out from the beyond?), but personally, I'd be skeptical of a private club that would open its membership to bidders on eBay.

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