Thursday, September 2, 2004

Bush/Cheney '04: Why settle for the Lesser Evil?

More on the GOP food front ...

The specter of tight security around Madison Square Garden this week has scared off all the business, and conventioneers aren't picking up the slack.
Lunchtime rolled around at Gyro II, a pizza and sandwich shop on Seventh Avenue opposite the Garden, but the usual lunch rush failed to materialize. "This is supposed to be my busy time," said Neil Sklaroff, the shop's manager, as the clock showed 12:30 p.m. "We ain't doing nothing. Yesterday was a bust, and today is looking the same."
Jamie Galler, an executive vice president at Riese Restaurants, a company that operates 10 restaurants in the neighborhood, from T.G.I. Friday's to KFC, said business was down about 30 percent. "
Not eating at KFC!? How un-American. What in tarnation are all the Republicans eating?

Maybe they're still full from a law firm shindig featuring:
Tai lobster martinis, seared sea scallops with grapefruit compote on scallop shells, black-truffle risotto fritters, shot glasses of chilled summer soup, and cherry-glazed roasted figs with mascarpone pistachios.
To my great shame I confess that this slactivist has a squeaky clean record, without a single protest arrest to my name. As the lockups in the oil-slick/Pier 57 garage escalate, I contemplate what I've missed:
Some of the weekend demonstrators accused cops of mistreating them and said they were held for hours in stifling cells without food. When the chow came, it wasn't up to the standards of Chris Mahoney, 22, of Morristown, N.J. "They gave us a couple of baloney sandwiches, but we're all vegan," he said.(NY Daily News)

Is this Gitmo-on-the-Hudson? Bloomberg sez bologna!:
"It's not Club Med, don't make any mistake about it, and it's not supposed to be Club Med," Mayor Bloomberg commented yesterday, adding: "I don't know if fun's the right word but we even serve soy sandwiches for vegetarians.

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