Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just Souper

There is an small, empty restaurant front around the corner from work, and each time that I pass it, I wish wish wish that the Souper Market would open an east side location there. University Circle needs it - nay, I need it. I could walk over every day, even on snowy days like this, and get a bowl of their hot, delicious soup, maybe even their lobster bisque, along with the chunk of sourdough, for lunch. And I would be happy. So happy.

Check out their awesome help wanted ad on craigslist:
Don't lie about your experience beacause I'll know. Resumes are a huge plus. If you dont have something to show me, don't bother to reply. We need people with good knife skills in the kitchen who can rock out some mirepoix in no time. We need personable people with good attitudes, that can wheel out some soup to the masses when the sh*t hits the fan and still keep a smile on their face for the most fickle of customers.
Unfortunately, what I do with a knife can only be described as anti-skills, and I don't even know what a mirepoix is, otherwise I would love to work there.


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    A mirepoix is onions, carrots and celery *is a good Good Eats fan*

    My SO used to work with the owner of Souper Markets husband. (And in a really small world turn of events I recently discovered that my SO has met Foodgoat).

    ANYWAY -- I am excited that Souper Market is opening a west side location! Hopefully if that goes well they'll expand eastward, tooo?

  2. Ack! How can the LadyGoat not know what a Mirepoix is? It's the "holy" trinity of French cooking - Carrots, celery and onions! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirepoix_(cuisine)

    Thou must watcheth Emeril on Food network at least once in the next week as penance. hehe ;-)

  3. French cooking! I don't know nothing about no French cooking. I do like French fries though.

  4. Well, I refuse to watch the Food channel these days- and don't get me started on Emeril.

    Most of my cooking knowledge comes from what my mother taught me- or what I just make up. So we rarily get to learn the cooking terms.

    So, Morgan: When/where did I meet your Significant Other? I only ask, because I haven't met a bunch of people this past two years. I spend 95% of my time playing World of Warcraft- so I hoping there isn't a Foodgoat Doppelganger out there :)

  5. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Uhh... *tries to remember* I think he was supposed to do your band's website. His name is Jeff.

    I was mentioning to him the blog post about selling truffles for band money and it all clicked :)

  6. I'd love it too--I'm tired of all the place to eat around University Circle.