Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Best of 2006: Point Reyes Blue

On reflection, 2006 has certainly been the year of the Point Reyes Blue for us here at Foodgoat. We were late coming to it (it has been around since 2000), but we made up for lost time with still boundless enthusiasm. Through it, we broke through the seemingly impermeable fortress of the Cheese Lady's good graces. With it, Foodgoat took his BLT to the even loftier heights of the BABlue (Bacon Avocado and Blue cheese).

So tart! So creamy! So delicious with everything!


  1. This cheese was an oblivious choice for our "best" food product of the year.

    We indulged eating it so many times thought the year. No matter the season, Point Reyes Blue satisfies.

    Hail to a wonderful cheese.

  2. It's truly a wonderful cheese. It was made to be used as either a table or cooking cheese and I think it is good at both (though often a bit salty for me to eat out of hand).

    This is probably preaching to the choir here, but I wrote a review of it some odd weeks ago as part of my weekly cheese blog, the cheesemonger presents: