Friday, January 19, 2007

Idaho? No Udaho!

Real Food, Uncensored & Out of Control!

The Post Foodgoat Never Meant You to See! Hidden in the Blogger drafts since 2000, made when he was first trying to break into the blogging business, now made public!

The Honorable Larry E. Craig, duly elected Senator of Idaho, once submitted the following recipe for Super Tubers (using, of course, the Idaho potato) to the Congress Cooks! website. Since the pizza delivery girl never showed up, Foodgoat whips up a couple of Super Tubers.

After washing and drying a couple of dirty potatos, Foodgoat cored the potato center, end to end, with an apple corer.

A generous rubbing of olive oil, along with nonstop giggling, helped stick a big hot dog all the way into the hole.

After baking in a preheated 325 degree oven for approximately one hour (or until the potato was fork tender), we topped the Tuber turned Super Tuber off with a sprinkling of bacon for good measure.

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