Monday, August 15, 2005


I did feel any inclination to take up the Eat Local challenge. I did not sign up to participate in the Eat Local challenge. And yet I have found myself buying even more local foods than I normally do. Go figure.

So I picked up my first Ohio wine that wasn't an ice wine: Old Firehouse Winery's Frosty Peach. I bought it because the label has a picture of a dog in a fireman's hat. And because it sounds like it came out of a self-serve machine at the 7-11. And because at 41.3 miles away, it qualifies as local. It's not the closest winery to me, otherwise I might have submitted it to Wine Blogging Wednesday #12, which features local wine.

We sat at the table, poured it into glasses. We noted that it was light, slightly sweet, quite nice and very appropriate for a hot, hot summer day. We conversed about the merits of red wine versus white whine. We ate smoked gouda and cheddar with Ritz cracker Asian knockoffs arranged artfully on a cheese platter. We felt civilized.

Until I saw the label with the dog in a fireman's hat again.

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