Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Foodblog linkiness

-One of my fondest memories is of waking up my very first morning in the Philippines in 1987 to the smell of freshly delivered pan de sal, which turned out to be the BEST BREAD EVER. Still oven hot, with a litttle cheddar cheese from a can, so yummy. It all came back reading Market Manila wax poetic about her own pan de sal memories.

-One of the most vexing problems of my recent life is finding a convenient way to use loose tea at work instead of tea bags. Why not just stick with tea bags? Pim patiently explains why loose tea rules.

-The always hysterical Impulsive Buy reviews McDonald’s Premium Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich and finds that "premium" and "McDonald's" really don't belong in the same phrase.

-Bitter Greens seeks to rescue us from our paranoid fear of dirt. Since I've started to compost, I developed a great fondness for dirt and an admiration for decomposition. Food should not come in sterile plastic wrap and styofoam.

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