Thursday, August 4, 2005

Like everyone else in the world, I signed up to be a recipe tester for the Good Home cookbook.

The first recipe was no problem: pasta carbonara. It was just like how Foodgoat's mom makes it. True, he had some doubts about taking the garlic out of the olive oil after sauteeing it, but he was reassured by the end result. I had my doubts of cooking eggs solely through the heat of the just-boiled pasta, so I put my serving right back on the heat just to sure.

But the second recipe, for broiled clams. Good Home Cookbook, we are insulted. First of all, clams were IMPOSSIBLE to pry open. I steamed them, even though the recipe didn't say to do it, and even then, pulling off the top shell was no picnic. Second, spooning butter onto half clam shells and putting them under the broiler is not much of a recipe. Was there also a recipe for putting bread slices into a toaster? Third ... the taste was so not worth all that work. Give me oysters any day.

I haven't tried the third recipe yet, because here in Cleveland, live crabs are not exactly crawling on every street corner.

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