Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Scottish Highland beef: the fallout

Boo! Scary, isn't it?

In my version of a unicorn chaser, I offer a meat update.

We have dipped into our grass-fed, Scottish Highland beef stockpile twice now, and can confidantly report excellent results.

First, there was the ground beef into the chili, which looks freakishly red in this picture but which tasted quite nice.

Then, there was the vadas. Foodgoat's favorite dish was extra yummy with falling-off-the-bone tender meat. So good. In case you missed that, I'll repeat: sooooo good.

We're already hatching plans to buy half a cow to share to goodness that is grass fed beef. Can one go back to McDonald's burgers after beef like this? I think not.

So check out Eat Wild and find yourself some grass-fed beef.

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