Friday, August 26, 2005

Tryout Tuesday, on Thursday, Last Week: Roscoe's

Ever since Phil the Fire sputtered out in Cleveland, Foodgoat and I have been chicken and waffle deprived, left only to contemplate one of us picking up a KFC bucket while the other tries to convince IHOP to make waffles to go in order to build some sad semblance of real thing.

So the first stop while I was in LA was lunch at Roscoe's, the venerable chicken & waffle house. The dish originated in a Harlem restaurant, and an employee there took it with him when he moved out west and started Roscoe's. It's Roscoe's that made fried chicken & waffles famous. Now there are Roscoe's all over LA (and outside Los Angeles, even) but we were at the original, Pico Blvd location.

Two pieces of chicken, two waffles, two pats of butter, two tiny of cups of syrup ... surprisingly, it all fits into one Ladygoat.

My brother got the same thing I did, except with gravy and onions. My sister got - what else? - the Carol special with buckwheat waffles while my Dad ordered his own namesake, the Oscar. Mom passed on the Big Mamma special though.


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