Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Dog Eating Habits

(Just to clarify: not dog-eating habits).

Obviously, I think a lot about food. But alas, sometimes other, more pressing issues force me to put aside thoughts of cheese.

Not so for some. Some don't have pesky things like jobs or books or concern about world politics to get in the way of wondering what things taste like. And though they not quite as handy with with the immersion blender as Foodgoat is, they do have definite tastes. And are absolutely shameless about begging for what they want.

Lucky dogs.

We know some of these loafers well. First up ...

Bam Bam

Breed: Keeshond
Temperament: Crazy
Belongs to: Ladygoat's family in California

Likes: Vegetables, grapes, fresh popcorn, cheese

Doesn't like: Bananas, stale popcorn, carbs like bread or rice

What doesn't agree with her, digestively speaking: too much canned dog food, cheese (except American)

Eating schedule: Fed once a day in the morning, but spaces herself into 6 small meals throughout the day

Eating space: Won't eat out of the dog bowl, but will take a mouthful at a time over to another place to eat

Odd eating habits: Eats the fallen green apples. Runs into the apple tree to knock down more green apples. Jumps from the bench to grab green apples from low-hanging branches. Also eats the calamansi (Filipino lime) off the tree. (see Temperament, above)

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