Wednesday, December 1, 2004

random bo-link-link

-Someone has to say it: The Real Gilligan's Island reality show rocks. It's hilarious. But that's one touched-up picture of Donna on the website.

-If you go on a world food tour, don't gross out the world.

-You could start by not posting photo records like this: eating an In-N-Out 20x20. That's 20 patties, 20 slices of cheese, folks.

-Remember the grilled cheese Virgin? Now there's a fish stick Jesus. If I can just get a St. Joseph pickle and some 3 wise men fries, I've got this year's Nativity set and lunch.

-Even Romans needed rest stops. They didn't have Taco Bell, but Roman families on their way to GladiatorLand did stop for
"... a lot of meat - chicken and pork - as well as bread, rice, lentils and fruit. There were desserts of sweet cakes, cooked with sesame seeds and almonds."
-Not that we don't have enough to be paranoid about, but the EPA found rocket fuel in nationwide samples of milk and lettuce.

-Hershey's Kisses now come in 7, count 'em, 7 varieties, including dulce de leche and rich dark. Is dulce de leche the new black? 'Cuz I'm okay with that.

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