Monday, December 6, 2004

Not just food

My new doormat is made of coconut fibers. My new washcloth is made of agave cactus(from whence comes tequila) fibers. And the flax seeds that I've eating on all of my vegetables comes from the same plant used to make linen and paint thinner.

This has put me in the mind of finding alternative uses for Licorice Altoids. I don't know why I bought it ... I don't particularly care for Altoids, and I don't like licorice. And wouldn't ya know it, I don't like the licorice Altoids. Weird. Not good. If you must try them, for God's sake don't bite down on them right away.

Maybe the Altoids could go into the medicine cabinet for clearing up stuffed sinuses? Maybe they can be a cleaning product, like Coke is supposed to clean toilets. As for tins, there's no shortage of ideas out there: speakers, shrines, and more.

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